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Drive confidently

Safety in your vehicle starts with insurance

Wading through all of the requirements and paperwork to find the best insurance for you

Finding the best car insurance can be a hassle, particularly if you don't understand all the legalese, options, deductibles, and levels of coverage. Whether you are just looking for the minimum, which includes standard liability protection and collision coverage, or something more, we're here to help you.

The best auto insurance choices:

Been a good driver? Ask about discounts

•  Car insurance

•  Specialty cars (Hagerty Insurance)

•  Antique cars (Hagerty Insurance)

•  Hot rods (Hagerty Insurance)

•  Discounts for good driving records

•  High risk insurance, including DUIs and suspended licenses

•  Commercial vehicles (Progressive)

Having a clean driving record can benefit you. Keep your insurance premiums low and ask about a good driver or claim-free discount.


We are also able to provide commercial auto insurance

for your business' vehicles.

Michigan has many restrictive insurance laws.


Driving without auto insurance in the state of Michigan could lead to a suspended license, fines, and other problems. Get the insurance you need.

Great plans from the top names in auto insurance


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